Sunday, 30 September 2007

The junta leader refuses to meet UN special envoy

[Edit: I promised to value educated protest, so I edited a couple of sharp words that I wrote earlier]

French newspaper LeMonde is saying that the special envois from UN, Ibrahim Gambari, could not meet yet the head of the junta Than Shwe. Gambari had a UN message to deliver, and he has done so in Naypydaw, but only to "second knives" such as interim information minister general Thein Sein, the minister of culture, general Kyaw Hsan (who as most of the ministers of culture does count for nothing), the commander Khin Aung Myint, and the vice minister of foreign affairs Kyaw Thu.

Gambari has expressed his "sincere hope" to meet the top general Than Shwe, but with no reply. Apparently Than Shwe is so paranoid that even a lonely man scares him.,1-0@2-3216,36-961289@51-947750,0.html

What a shame. Let's see if the UN can withstand a slap in the face, like the Burma people do, unfortunately, every day.

On a connected subject: The Time has a new update on observation of Burma through satellites (see my post below) : "the AAAS had ordered up new images from Burma's major cities, Rangoon and Mandalay, over the past few days, as the military cracked down on protests and that they expect to analyze the new data soon. "We've been cut off from Burma, so we're trying to monitor the situation through the satellites"". So, people out there, warn the generals that one day, they will be brought to International Crime Tribunals, and there will be solid proofs to crush them . All the inferior commanders who decided to follow orders, will also follow at the Tribunal.

This is an old Google image of the Rangoon Stadium. The generals certainly understand that military images are 10 to 100 times better than that, and more and more "3D". Taken every hour or less, these images will be able to spot any event on the ground, and held the responsible accountable.

Remember : Officially, military satellites can see objects around 20 inches (50cm) or smaller, but the precise resolution is classified. Let's say 20 cm to be sure. Source.

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