Sunday, 30 September 2007

BIG part of the problem

There is an absolute refresher blog on moeyyo that I would like to bring to your attention:

The blogger is doing two very important things : 1) summarising infos on Burma situation, incoming from many pertinent sites, and translating them from Burmese to English so anyone can understand. And 2) using her brain to think, make parallels, comment and sometime, insurge.

Reading her it is becominig clearer and clearer that the condescendence of the neighbourough regimes is a BIG part of the problem. In particular, it is evident that the news media of the other ASEAN countries, but also of China and India, are minimizing the problem, so that the unrest do not spread at home.

Commentaries to her wake-up-call articles go like that (I do not cite the full source as I do not want to accuse or compromise anyone in particular) : "that journal of that country" is known to be the party's newsletter. Its job is mainly "nation building". They do not write about the real truths, they like to write and report their versions of news, cleared of any negative impact to "that country". Let's just say that "that journal" is like Myanmar's national TV. So, do not expect too much from them."
I very much agree, propaganda there, propaganda here. This is a BIG part of the problem, all the regimes are supporting each other so simple people will not be able to topple anything.

They were saying that European people (like me) do not understand Asian values (paternalistic, protecting etc...). But I maintain that it is not paternal to slap in the face the people and hiding them in jail.

Well it is not as if democracy in Europe is perfect, it is far from perfect. We all need to work everyday to change our world. Remember the first thing that hit them is economic habits. Inform yourself, do not buy things you do not agree with, and let everyone know - this is the only thing that scares them.

OK my next step is to build up a blog on European (lack of) democracy. Thanks you to bear with us.

PS : I am not particularly fond of US initiatives, but this one is worth (essentially because it is peaceful) :

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