Sunday, 30 September 2007

Parallel with Tiannanmen Square Protest ?

I am publishing here a comment sent in by an anonymous blogger, since it is well pertinent :

"There are a number of people who took part in Tiannanmen Square Protest in June 4 1989 one year after August 8 1988. They are closely watching the situation in Burma too. There is a good article by Yang in the Washington Post :

I would suggest we have to motivate the chinese activists to exert pressure to the Chinese leader from inside and outside. And get the oversea chinese (which is very unlikely) involve in protests against military's brutalities in Burma."

Just one thing from me, I have been reading Washington Post for long time and for all its talking, I have seen little effect. Nevertheless, keep up hope. [Edit] Just appeared, a new story on New York Times :

If any Chinese blogger is reading this post, please try to mobilise your friends !! Take care.

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