Saturday, 20 October 2007

Gunpoint Radio

Unconfirmed reports say that at MRTV (Myanmar's broadcasting station), soldiers pointed guns at the news broadcasters while they read the news. This is causing a great deal of unhappiness among the staff there.

This news is reported on BurmaNews CBox. This is an occasion to encourage you to get a look, they have very fast and informed updates.

Another one says : "When Myanmar nationals, (mostly students) who are working or studying abroad, go back to Myanmar, they are arrested at he Yagon airport. They are detained for 3 days and checked with photos and videos sent from Myanmar Embassies around the world. If they were found to have participated in recent demonstrations, they would be beaten, tortured, and sent to Insein Prison. Please be extra careful."

Send your panties

Please : Find the address of the nearest Myanmar Embassy and send them your panties please. Culturally in Myanmar this is considered an insult and the superstitious generals believe that receiving dirty panties takes power away from them. Could the panties be by the thousands !!!

More details and addresses : Lanna Action for Burma

Thanks to Jeg for calling my attention on that.
He also has an excellent post on "Protesting Dogs Are Now on the Regime’s Wanted List".

Embassies' adresses wordlwide :

In the press : AP Associated Press article

It's not good to have opinions in Burma

Kyaw Khine, chairman of the Taunggok NLD, was jailed for seven and a half years on Monday, they said.

Ko Min Aung, an NLD official from the same town, received the same sentence following his arrest in Taunggok on his return home from a meeting at party headquarters in Yangon on Oct. 13.

"Ko Min Aung was sentenced to seven and a half years and Sein Kyaw to five years after a closed trial in Thandwe today," Ko Min Aung's wife told Reuters by telephone.

NLD members Tun Kyi and Than Pe were sentenced to four and a half years in Thandwe last week and Sein Kyaw, the NLD chairman in Gwa Township, was taken to Thandwe to face the close trial on Tuesday, the relatives and friends said." Etc.....

Full story on Reuters

Lawsuit to an International Criminal Court - petition

Sign the petition for a Lawsuit against General Than Shwe, SPDC and all his government officials to an International Criminal Court for crimes commited during military regime

Sunday, 14 October 2007


I will be away for one week. As I am going in one of those countries that do not allow freedom of speech, I will not be able to connect to internet and upgrade these pages. Please hold on. Meet you again on Sunday 21st.

Before I go, one video leaked recently showing the ugly face of the regime. What's going on today, away from cameras ?