Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Tibetan monks beaten as police halt dissent

The Sunday Times reports : "Hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist monks celebrating the award of a US honour to the exiled Dalai Lama have clashed with Chinese police, resulting in an unknown number of injuries and arrests." After a painting issue (the monks were repainting a hall in honor of Dalai Lama), "members of the People’s Armed Police moved in to stop the monks, ..., resulting in violent scuffles, according to sources. The Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao said that the clash involved hundreds of monks."

Ok painting is forbidden here, understand ?

Three thousand armed police surrounded the sprawling monastery and refused to allow anyone to leave. Local sources said that hundreds of monks may have been arrested and several injured. Similar clashes were reported at the smaller Nechung monastery.

Look familiar.

Hey (South East) Asia, is this the future for you all ? China has taken Tibet and Burma, is lurking to Taiwan and Laos, oppressing muslim minorities in western China, expanding internet and speech censorship, getting involved in North Korea, .....it is just matter of time they are coming for YOU !!

You'll let them do whatever they want in your house ?

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