Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A serious humanitarian emergency

Joint communiqué from the humanitarian associations-NGOs : Action Contre la Faim, Aide Medicale Internationale, Asian Harm Reduction Network, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe/German Agro Action, Enfants du Monde, Droits de l'Hommes, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Malteser International, Medecins du Monde, Norwegian People's Aid, Population Services International, Terre des Hommes, Save the Children.

"In Myanmar there is a serious humanitarian emergency comparable to that experienced by some areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, because of lack of services, poverty, economic backwardness, disinformation. Problems afflicting the people of Burma unfortunately does not appear enough on the front pages of newspapers, crowded exclusively by the political crisis. However, beyond the political dimension, the crisis is mainly a humanitarian emergency of enormous dimensions"says Giangi Milesi, president of Cesvi. "Each year over 130,000 children die before their 5 years in Myanmar ; More than a third of children are malnourished, and in the Dry Zone, where Terre des hommes Italia is, this figure reaches 50%. Despite this tragedy, aid from the international community barely reach 2 USD per person, when it was of thousands of dollars per capita during tsunami relief, "notes the Secretary General of Terre des hommes Italy.

So, sanctions or not sanctions ? Except the personal sanctions against precise individuals, I do not believe in sanctions. I believe in political solutions. The three first actors are China, India and USA. USA is moving, even if probably it is only an internal public relations stunt. India is sleeping well. China is pulling the strings, we recognize the methods (see below my transgression to Tibet). Thus, the key lever is...?.?..

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