Saturday, 29 September 2007

Ideas on building pression

I would like to try to regroup here some ideas of international actions that could be undertaken to put pressure on the regime of Myanmar. Hope you will help me to get the list growing.

- One e-mail from Burma suggested something that could be considered seriously to force China to get off the fence. A clear statement from the international community that supporting the Olympic games in a country that does nothing to stop such violations of human rights would become impossible.This would sting the Chinese more than anything else.

- Someone on BBC suggested that the main powers should start positioning vessels around Burma, and sending airplanes on its sky. This could be a signal. However personnally I worry that everytime the use of force has been employed in the past, it has brought to something worse. Thus I would suggest to stick with the lesson of the monks, peaceful means have more and long lasting effects.

- Send instead the UN peace keeping troops. China is not the solution but is part of the big problem. China will support the dictatorship. They do not approve people demonstration or democracy. Junta is getting upper hand now. Please send in UN troops to aid people.

- Financial measures against the powerful, blocking their accounts in all the countries. Not against the poors.

- Denial of access against governmental computer resources. Some experts out there ?

- News agencies reports that companies investing in Myanmar include Daewoo, Korea Gas Corp. from South Korea, India's Oil and Natural Gas Corp. India's gas utility GAIL, Total from France. Some of these companies (Daewoo) have been charged for illegally exporting arms making equipment to Myanmar. These companies seem unwilling to suspend their activies in Myanmar. We should all suspend buying products from these companies until they change their minds.

- Continue publishing and voicing the nasty attidute of the dictatorship. This is the reason of this blog, do one you too !!. Proliferation of blog-conserved documentation will avoid what happened in 1988, about 3000 killings gone unnoticed and undocumented. That will make easier to bring, one day soon, the generals to an International Crime Tribunal.

- your ideas ???

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Anonymous said...

There are a number of people who took part in Tiannanmen Square Protest in June 4 1989 one year after August 8 1988. They are closely watching the situation in Burma too. There is a good article by Yang in the Washington Post I would suggest we have to motivate the chinese activists to exert pressure to the Chinese leader from inside and outside. And get the oversea chinese (which is very unlikely) involve in protests against military's brutalities in Burma.