Saturday, 29 September 2007

Again on ideas - looking for volunteers

I think we need to put pression on China if we want to achieve something in Burma. One idea is to challenge the moral of attending Olympics games in a Country that does not support democracy.

Artwork : To do so I propose to create a picture of 8 people on the 100 m starting blocks, half of them wearing sport outfits, half safran monks outfits. Beside them would be an official (or several officials) holding the starting gun in the air as they used to do in the Olympics, but wearing heavy military outfits. Since, for a better representation, it is better if the people in the picture has asian traits, I would like to ask your readers if some group supporting Burma are able to organise such a picture and make it circulating on the web. It would be very good and will force China to question itself. Let me know if you like the idea or if I have been not clear (my english is not so good). Can also be a handmade drawing. Love to all.

PS: you can also get ideas on how to interact on the Olympics website :
or write to the Olympic Movement :

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